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About Me

I began my marketing career in 1998 when direct mail, billboards and magazines were the initial marketing tools. Back then, the yellow pages were still used daily and radio/TV ads were the last frontier. 

By 2002, I became part of the founding team in MEIGAS, a Boutique Agency specialized in Celebrity Endorsement and Product Placement for Latin America and the US. We rapidly grew as an independent agency while working in tandem with big Ad Agencies like McCann, Lowe, Ogilvy and others. We got Celebrities like Ha-Ash, Shakira, and others to collaborate with household brands like Panasonic, Coca-Cola, Pantene, Ace, etc.

This remarkable experience enabled me to understand the marketing tactics used by big agencies and leading brands.

In 2012 I endeavored into to digital marketing as a new marketing channel to the traditional media I sued to work with. That was the first time I used Facebook and SEO for online marketing and found it more successful than any other media available. 

During my digital marketing career, I’ve helped customers from the US, Canada, the UK and Latin America to take control of their sales process and grow their businesses. In the past, it wasn’t possible to get customers information firsthand but now social media and search engines are an open book of customer profiles. 

I’ve continued to advance my career in digital marketing because I believe that it serves as a tool to find new clients, get more cash flow and take control of your business growth. 

Digital is not about likes, shares  or fans, it’s about a measurable and consistent number of new opportunities coming through the door every day.

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