Andrew Mason

Umbrella Local Expert



Umbrella Local Expert

Hawthorne, NY
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About Me

Andrew Mason has worked in or owned businesses for 37 years. Before he entered the marketing arena himself, he hired various digital marketing agencies. He’s seen firsthand what works and what doesn’t from both sides of the aisle. Andrew started his own digital marketing agency in order to do things right.

Andrew is currently a franchisor for a large international brand where he handles advertising for two distinct channels, one of which is for multiple franchisees.

Andrew’s marketing successes in his own businesses led people to ask if he would handle their digital marketing needs. He is selective about the clients he takes on to be sure it is the right fit. He wants to be able to give personal attention to his clients, one of the factors he found missing with many digital marketing agencies.

Andrew prides himself on handling all marketing aspects for his clients and fostering open communication with them. He wants to hear what they have to say.

For businesses looking for more customers, Andrew stands ready to provide them.

In his personal life, Andrew is a dedicated husband and father. He is an avid skier, reader, rock collector, pilot, marathon finisher, dog owner and music lover.

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