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Asuncion Aseko


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Houston, Tx
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About Me

Asuncion Aseko is an Umbrella Local digital marketing expert based in Houston, Tx, with decent experience in the marketing space. After acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Western Washington University, Asuncion began working as a Sales Expert. She has worked with AT&T and Enjoy Technology as a Lead and Sales Expert.

Asuncion decided to delve into the digital marketing space to help small businesses grow by discovering growth areas, implementing the latest Internet marketing tools and techniques, and driving sales. Coming from a sales background, she has the business acumen and willingness to pay attention to each client’s needs.

In her role at Enjoy Technology, she had been training new sales experts in the last few months, and they have been able to make over $1150 in revenue for visits. As a part of Umbrella Local, Asuncion is addressing digital marketing holistically for her clients and helping them generate more leads and profits in a cost-efficient way.

When Asuncion is not leveraging her business and marketing skills, she enjoys cooking, dancing, and attending food festivals. She is also contributing to the development of her local community by supporting Seattle Food Bank and Bel.

Contact Asuncion today via LinkedIn or reach directly on her phone number to make her a part of your business journey and take your business to new heights despite having budget constraints.

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