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Umbrella Local Expert

Indianapolis, IN
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About Me

Blaine Thompson started his professional carrier in the commercial/industrial construction field for many years as a contractor and designer and building coordinator and previously owned a construction consulting business for 13 years where he had the rewarding experience of helping design automobile racetracks.

Taking years of experience in business management and sales, Blain started providing consult to other business owners and has started working in online marketing space in 2008. He built a successful Digital Marketing Agency and later joined Umbrella Local.

Having been an athlete himself and a wrestling coach for 15+ years, he has a great deal of experience as a leader, coaching self confidence, perseverance, tenacity and a winning, never give up mindset.

Blain says – “Being in business to help other business owners succeed and prosper is a very rewarding way to earn a living!”

When not working, Blain loves spending time with his family, working on his house and cars. He is a sports fan and racing fan. He enjoys reading, watching his kids perform, play sports, sing in their various activities and spending vacations at the beach or in the mountains. Fishing, hiking, and spending time outside with nature are favorites as well.

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