Bruce Bourgeau

Umbrella Local Expert

Bruce Bourgeau Umbrella Local Expert



Umbrella Local Expert

Detroit, Michigan
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About Me

After he received a BSc degree in environmental science, Bruce’s professional journey started in the mining industry where he worked with Government and Private Industry on complex projects that required budgeting, operations and training.

Bruce was drawn to marketing, and started a side business as an affiliate marketer, which grew into his main line work.

He learned and executed everything himself, building websites, landing pages, funnels, doing advertising, and optimizing conversions.

This hands on experienced graduated him to consulting other businesses on how to their marketing, when later he joined Umbrella Local to offer all marketing solutions a business needs to generate more sales and more profits with digital marketing.

Bruce is a real believer in “Let your Will Power and Positive Thoughts take you there”, and helps his clients follow the same mindset.

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