Catherine Moore

Umbrella Local Expert

Catherine Moore



Umbrella Local Expert

Saint Paul, MN
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About Me

Catherine Moore brings in a diversified resume and unmatched skillset. She began her professional journey with people center customer service and worked as a real estate agent for three years. These two professional careers have imparted her a profound understanding of how to connect to people, identify gaps, measure business goals, and navigate the client to the best digital marketing package.

She had been working with a team in the marketing space since 2013. Her marketing background includes grassroots marketing, door knocking, and providing promotional and personalized services. She is a trusted advisor on everything digital, ranging from real estate, web development, general management, and entrepreneurship.

Catherine brings significant experience in running websites, creating campaigns, in-person center marketing and promotion. While working in the property management area, her team successfully terminated revenue loss and retained the overall balance of customers and profits. Her marketing team had the opportunity of working for Keller Williams, Anytime Fitness, Epicor Software, along with being a Microsoft Partner. They currently hold a real estate license, Microsoft Certifications, Project Management certifications.

She believes in constant learning and expanding her educational knowledge base. As an Umbrella Local expert, Catherine helps small businesses maximize their sales and ROI by automating the business process across the marketing-sales funnel.

In Catherine’s own words, “It’s all about forming great relationships with your clients. Staying in touch and constantly reminding them that you are here to support them make a difference.”

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