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Umbrella Local Expert

Roanoke, VA
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About Me

As a former college golfer now residing in Virginia, Charles Patterson-Shomo Legacy combines his passion for problem-solving with a dedication to assisting prospective Hokie homeowners in finding their dream residences or investment properties.

In his role at EXP Realty, LLC, he excels in providing comprehensive solutions for individuals looking to buy or sell their homes or investment properties. This position enables him to meet diverse real estate needs and refine internal sales marketing processes through the creation of effective online sales funnels.

His success is fueled by an unwavering passion, focus, intensity, curiosity, and loyalty, driving him to achieve excellence both in and out of the office. Building meaningful relationships, addressing complex problems, and contributing to business growth are his primary sources of fulfillment.

With a natural talent for problem-solving, his sales career has been marked by a relentless intellectual curiosity, seeking answers to critical business questions. From selecting the perfect wedding song to sourcing a rare part for an antique, his solutions have consistently led to increased business opportunities.

Charles balances his career with family life, embracing his role as a dad while continually immersing himself in entrepreneurial literature to enhance his personal and professional growth.

A few fun facts about Charles: He’s a country boy at heart who loves traveling, playing sports, and embarking on new adventures with his kids. His lifelong passion for golf has seen him compete in the sport extensively. One memorable moment includes attempting to qualify as an amateur for the US Open, only to miss the cut after going out of bounds five times on one hole.

Charles’ guiding principle is “Action conquers Fear,” a mantra that propels him forward in all his endeavors.

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