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Umbrella Local Expert

Sunnyvale, CA
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About Me

At 21, Chet Holloway embarked on a transformative journey with the U.S. Navy, honing his skills as an air traffic controller specialist and earning recognition as an honor student. Post-military, his journey took him overseas where he carved out a successful career in environmental health, achieving unparalleled growth with seven promotions in under a decade. This period was punctuated by academic achievements, notably obtaining the Doc Sanchez Scholarship to attend the University of Guam.

Life’s unpredictable nature brought him back to California following a serious accident, marking a period of personal challenges and newfound direction. It was during this time he ventured into affiliate marketing, laying the groundwork for what would become a thriving digital marketing enterprise nearly 9 years later.

His passion for technology propels him to continuously explore new systems and methodologies, ensuring his methods remain at the industry’s cutting edge.

Outside of professional endeavors, his interests are varied and rich. Whether it’s immersing himself in the world of sports, indulging in the creative process of music production, or exploring the skies through flight simulators, his curiosity knows no bounds. He finds joy in diverse hobbies including cooking, gardening, and even adventurous activities like skydiving.

A guiding principle in his life is a quote from Digital Underground: “It ain’t where you from, it ain’t where you at, It’s where you going,” a mantra that continuously inspires him to move forward.

Chet is committed to giving back to the community, particularly through refereeing for little league sports, an activity that brings him immense fulfillment.

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