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Christopher Benson Umbrella Local Expert



Umbrella Local Expert

Springfield, MA
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About Me

Prior to marketing, I worked in financial consulting and then the mortgage industry. I brokered loans to help people buy homes, and then wrote modifications and short sales to help others reverse their negative equities and avoid foreclosures.

While doing that, I began learning about digital marketing in 2007 to help business owners grow their businesses and financial futures.

Over the years I have acquired a broad set of advanced skills with a strong specialization in SEO (search engine optimization,) and eventually started my own agency in 2012 and joined Umbrella Local in 2020.

My entire working career has consisted of understanding peoples’ needs on both a personal and business level. This has made me uniquely qualified as a marketing consultant and solutions provider and contributed to the high level of success we have been able to deliver to our clients year after year.

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