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CJ Coolidge Umbrella Local Expert



Umbrella Local Expert

Houston, USA
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About Me

CJ is an Umbrella Local Expert with a track record that would be the envy of any professional.

For 30 years, CJ was one of the highest grossing consultants with the outsourcing firm, Insperity, contributing more than $1B in revenue.
CJ’s accounts were so profitable for so long that Insperity actually named their profitability award, “The CJ Coolidge Award.”

As technology advanced, CJ noticed that his SMB and entrepreneurial clients weren’t interested and didn’t keep up. They weren’t “technology companies” so they didn’t see how the changing digital landscape could be relevant to their operations, or how it would affect their ability to compete.

By 2016, it was obvious to CJ that digital ignorance would be detrimental. He refocused his energies to strengthen his extensive experience in business development and negotiation. He quickly realized why his clients were behind. The confusion, distraction, frustration, trial and error, misinformation, and failure were overwhelming.

As part of Umbrella Local CJ makes digital marketing painless and simple for local companies, helping businesses enjoy the same advantages that in the past were reserved only for large companies.

Originally from Washington DC, CJ and his family live in Houston, Texas. He loves hiking, Hawaiian music, Step, Discipling, and Jesus.

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