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Umbrella Local Expert

Barberton, OH
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About Me

Damoniq’e Askew is a highly creative and innovative digital marketing expert who began her professional journey as a school-based/community-based counselor. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications with a minor in sociology/criminal justice. Being in a professional counseling environment before assisting digital marketing clients, Damoniq’e developed a passion to listen to people, apply her knowledge to understand the gaps, and serving them with solutions that ensure success.

Damoniq’e Askew is the founder of Unique DNA, which is a mentoring and resource program geared toward endangered juveniles for their proper schooling, supporting life goals, and dealing with obstacles within society.

Damoniq’e has been in the marketing industry for 7 years, and her accolades speak of her passion for marketing. She was able to grow a successful team from 0 to nearly 100 members within 3 months, including a team in Korea that she has never met. She got promoted in front of 60,000 people for reaching a 100-point milestone in the company and promoted to a leadership role called Executive Team Leader.

She also founded Next Level Digital Solutions, which empowers people to feel beautiful in their skin. As a former student-athlete, Damoniq’e has worked with estheticians and been exposed to Med Spas for her skincare. She is dedicated to helping MedSpa owners grow their businesses, as she values the need for people to feel confident in their skin. She offers her clients the best of both worlds, medicine and self-care so that they experience a self-healing treatment unlike any other.

She moved into the digital marketing space 2 years ago. As an Umbrella Local Expert, Damoniq’e believes in delivering the highest standard of services to her clients with enthusiastic flair and personal connection. Her uncanny ability to turn the pain points of her clients into business opportunities helps them to grow their business beyond imagination.

On a personal note, she likes to travel, practice self-development habits, and spend time with her wonderful family. She also supports the Unique Dna mentoring and resource program. In Damoniq’e own words, “I know you are ready to help others, and I am ready to help you. Take this chance as only Chances make Champions.”

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