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Umbrella Local Expert

Peyton, CO
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About Me

In the late 1990s, David Jones owned a (VOIP) Telephony Company that sold metered minutes of time all over the world. The company was based primarily in Mexico, where he started small but still managed to sell millions of minutes a month.

David was keen to understand how to move the Internet Traffic out of his way to achieve a clean direct path to obtain the perfect call. This incredible experience helped him gain exceptional SEO knowledge.

David was passionate to learn about SEO and Digital Marketing and how they would help businesses grow. With his extensive knowledge, he operated a highly successful Digital Marketing Co., which led him to team up with a couple of the best SEO and Digital Marketing Gurus, of the time, Russel Wright and Charles Heflin. They put out a white paper, headed up by Charles, alerting the SEO Community of how SEO was about to change. Over time those changes have helped several of his clients to prosper, including The University of New Mexico and T Boone Pickens.

As a part of Umbrella Local, David is utilizing the latest marketing tools and strategies to address digital marketing holistically for his clients. With his unique digital marketing plan, he is ensuring growth in sales and profits for his clients in a cost-efficient way.

If you are looking to scale your business but have time and budget constraints, David is the right man for the job. Contact him today!

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