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Umbrella Local Expert

Charlotte, NC
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About Me

With 26+ years of digital marketing industry experience, David Thayer has helped numerous entrepreneurs scale their businesses and boost their sales. What sets him apart from the other digital practitioners is his history as an entrepreneur and deep expertise in managing small and non-profit businesses.

He has pioneered new businesses across different industries, selling both big-ticket and small-ticket items. Also, he has made his mark in multiple sectors, owning and operating an insurance agency, a temporary placement agency, a marine distributing company, a used car sales agency and numerous businesses. David has been in the marketing industry for so long that he knows all the pitfalls entrepreneurs should avoid and the tactics they should apply to scale their business and boost the profit margin.

He believes in building strong and lasting trust with his clients by offering transparency, authenticity, and accountability. Not only has he pioneered countless startups but he has also worked for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, professional agencies and non-profit groups. Backed by one of the fastest-growing global agencies, he believes in walking the walk, rather than just talking the talk.

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