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Umbrella Local Expert

New York, NY
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About Me

Davide is a Tier 1, Fortune 500 trained sales, marketing, and general management executive.

Taking his Exec MBA in one of the nation’s leading colleges and being surrounded by global business owners, enabled Davide to recognize that top-level marketing, sales, strategy and development tools are rarely available or affordable to small businesses, prohibiting their growth.

With over two decades of experience and as an executive since 2010 in Fortune 500 organizations, and as a CEO of a 9-figure business, Davide has witnessed a number of his entrepreneurial friends and colleagues start incredible companies, but then hit a certain level of success and then get stuck as they couldn’t scale and grow due to lack of systems and processes.

Many of these business owners know in their heart their business is capable of more, and have many ideas, but don’t have the tools to assess which strategic direction will be best and which sales and marketing platforms work best.

If you are wandering how to grow your business, and want someone to help plan and execute a predictable growth plan, Davide is your man!


burtons meat testimonial for Umbrella Local“Our business was started in the 1970s as a high-end meat and products supplier to restaurants around the Greater Toronto Area. Davide’s team successfully updated our branding and logo, built a beautiful website that our customers rave about, and we are now advertising on Facebook and Instagram with their guaranteed advertising platforms. We are getting leads to drive our direct to consumer business, which is a revised strategic pillar given the downtown in traditional restaurants. We needed a fresh brand to reach consumers, and Davide’s team helped us bring our vision to life.”

Robert Rowe – burtonmeats.com

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