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About Me

After graduating from Medical School in 1997, Doru Mircea began working for a multinational pharmaceutical company as a medical representative. He followed the corporate path and developed as an area sales manager, national sales manager, sales & marketing manager, where he owned the responsibility to manage marketing budgets of millions and several teams of 100 people simultaneously.

Doru launched his own marketing agency in 2014 that provided digital marketing services for the healthcare industry: pharmaceutical companies, nutritionists, dentists, medical offices. He also enrolled and graduated with an EMBA programme to boost his understanding of business’ big picture. He has worked for big Pharma companies like GSK, Pfizer, Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson.

Doru was in charge of managing the Sanofi Diabetes Medical Representatives team in Romania. In 2010, he had a European Level contest based on several criteria, including market share increase compared to the previous year, sales increase compared to the previous year, and absolute market share. Related to these three criteria, my team won the award of Best Sanofi Diabetes Team in Europe in 2010 and the second best diabetes team in Europe in 2011. He is proud of his achievements from his corporate journey, he won the award of Best Diabetes Team in Europe in 2010 and the Second Best Diabetes Team in Europe in 2011.

His coupled background in health and business helps him choose the appropriate marketing advice for his clients. As an Umbrella Local Marketing Expert, Doru seeks the complete trust of his clients in terms of his marketing tools, channels, and budgets. He is passionate about uplifting small businesses and treats his client’s business as his own to substantially increase their bottom line sustainably.

On a personal note, Doru is a marathon runner and dog owner. He likes to train his dog to be his best version possible. He is also a PEDITEL ambassador, an NGO that helps parents in Romania have access to emergency medical care for their children for free.

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