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Santa Cruz, CA
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About Me

Erik is an Umbrella Local Marketing expert whose superpower is his honest, transparent, caring, and compassionate nature and his willingness to pay attention to the needs of people and help them grow.

He grew up in Santa Cruz, California, and he graduated from Harbor High. After graduation, he worked at the Burbank airport as a sheet metal mechanic. He went to North American Van Lines truck driving school in Ft. Wayne, IN. He traveled to 48 states relocating families and household goods for 6 years. This experience taught him how to run a business and the value of building relationships with his customers and North American Van Line agents all over the country.

He also worked at LAX for Delta Airlines for 3 years as a Ramp Supervisor. He left his job at Delta Airlines for a contracting position at NASA Ames Research Center as a Junior Technical Specialist, building space flight hardware on the Rodent Research Project and sending hardware to the International Space Station.

In his first 2 years at NASA, he was promoted to Senior Technical Specialist, Hardware Engineer, and Lab Manager. He received the coveted “NASA TrailBlazer Award’ for being critical to mission success. He was the first person ever at Ames Research Center and the West Coast to win this award. Visit:

After the NASA contract ended, he worked as a contractor for Apple on the Titan project. He was an autonomous vehicle Test Driver and received a safety certificate for 500 hours of accident-free driving. His last 2 contracts were for the Google X- Mineral project performing Robotic Data Collection. In June 2020, he earned a certificate from Woz U as a “Software Developer.”

He is a part of several affiliate marketing groups and has many mentors.

  • GrooveStars Ascend lifetime member with Angie Norris and Alicia Lyttle
  • Enhanced Training Academy lifetime member with Kathy Walls and Rob Verzera
  • SAS Affiliate member with SEO master Jason Caluori
  • Entre Nation Elite lifetime member with Jeff Lerner
  • Strategic Profits lifetime member with Rich Schefren

Having engaged in different work backgrounds and with highly diverse work teams allows Erik to offer effective and creative solutions to his business clients. As a part of Umbrella Local, he interacts with his business clients on a personal level to build a winning partnership. While he allows his clients to focus on their core business operations, he works on implementing the right digital marketing strategies that maximize their profits, sales, digital presence, and ROI.

In his spare time, he likes to enjoy beautiful Santa Cruz and go for walks along the beach. He is also a big fan of SCI-FI movies.

If you are ready to take advantage of unique and affordable marketing solutions that take your business to the next level, give Erik a call today for a free consultation.


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