George Pliakes

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George Pliakes


English, Macedonian

Umbrella Local Expert

Detroit, MI
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About Me

Before beginning his digital marketing venture, George Pliakes did a lot of door-to-door “cold-call marketing.” During the initial phase of his 25 years long marketing journey, while he was working with a roofing company that specialized in residential roof sales, he learned an important secret of business success:  Working hard, although a commendable trait, is not enough. One also has to work SMART to reap the benefits of true success.

With that awareness, he began to hire and train canvassers to go door-to-door and get leads for him. As a result, his sales went through the roof. He witnessed equal proportions of achievements and challenges throughout the course. However, his broad skillset and result-oriented mindset enabled George to turn challenges into opportunities.

George has a clear understanding of the challenges that small business owners encounter. As an Umbrella Local expert, he is helping businesses with his effective online marketing strategies that drive client acquisition and sales.

On a personal note, George is an avid reader. His reading genres range from business and marketing to psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and quantum physics. When he is not reading, chances are he may be playing his guitar. He is a professional guitarist, specializing in jazz and ethnic music.

In George’s own words, “You don’t always get what you really want, but you always get who you really are.”

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