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Umbrella Local Expert

Salt Lake City, UT
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About Me

Glen’s professional journey started as an intelligence officer in the military.

Based on his military experience and skillset he advanced into the corporate world in 1998, leading an initiative at Franklin Covey, a global leader in organization culture and leadership training, to combine traditional sales methods and processes with the benefits of Internet technology.

Later Glen transitioned to having his own marketing and advisory firm, evolving with the internet as it matured – “there was no Google back then, nor Facebook, Amazon, eBay and common brands we know and use today”.

Glen never stops his marketing and sales education, and during the years has been a student of Ryan Levesque, Brendon Burchard, Todd Brown, Rich Schefren, Russell Brunson, Jeff Walker, Aaron Fletcher, Nicholas Kusmich, Jason Hornung, Stu McLaren, Rachel Miller, Marisa Murgatroyd, Maxwell Finn and Jon Benson to name a few.

Showcasing his growth methods and client success stories Glen won first place ($25K) In 2018, at the Ask Method and conference.

Glen has several certifications including:

  • // The Ask Method (Quizzes, Surveys, Assessments)
  • // The Fletcher Method (Digital Marketing)
  • // Funnelytics (Analytics and Funnel Building)
  • // SearchMetrics (SEO and Business Intelligence)
  • // Digital Marketer Certifications

Glen is a true marketing expert with two decades of experience in helping businesses grow and hands on experience in every digital marketing discipline, from paid advertising, organic, social to eCom and more.

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