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Jacqui Meeks



Umbrella Local Expert

Newark, DE
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About Me

Jacqui Meek’s professional journey has never been one-dimensional. She believes in expanding her sphere of knowledge and combining the skills gained from diverse work areas.
Besides being a marketing expert, Jacqui Meeks has also been involved in Clinical and Biomedical research, working as a Research MRI Technologist at a leading University medical institution in the United States. With her strong communication and navigation skills, she works seamlessly with Scientists, Doctors, Industry experts, and Patients, understanding their diverse needs seeking one desired outcome.

Her work and collaborations have been recognized and published in several scientific journals. She also received an award for ‘Up and Coming Scientists in Cardiovascular Research’ in 2017.

After pursuing her MBA degree, she ran an online freelance copywriting agency for Technical Copy. This hands-on experience graduated her to consulting other businesses. Her volunteer work includes Delaware Hospice and Big Brothers and Sisters of Delaware.

As a part of Umbrella Local, she offers unmatched marketing solutions to businesses to help them generate more sales and profit. In her own words, “I am evolving and growing every day to be the best I can be, and in doing so, I inspire others to do the same.”

In her spare time, she loves to travel and enjoys fine dining, reading, sports activities, and cooking.


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