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Jahniah Dryden



Umbrella Local Expert

Lawrenceville, GA
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About Me

Jahniah Dryden has been working in the digital industry for 18 years providing exceptional website marketing solutions. He created an online marketing system that helped hundreds of website owners increase traffic to their sites with increased conversions resulting in more profits.

Jahniah’s strong foundation of marketing has led him to work for fortune 500 companies such as AOL/Time Warner, American Express, IBM, and The Coca-Cola Company. As a Consumer Engagement Associate at TCCC, he successfully implemented a strategy that enabled the Consumer Interaction Center to increase customer email response rates.

In 2013, he started his digital agency, that he quickly grew using digital marketing. He provides solutions for website design, Website Accessibility, SEO, Consumer Engagement, Social Media, Reputation Management, Digital Advertising (including Billboards), Email Marketing, and Video Creation/Editing.

Jahniah became an Umbrella Local for the exemplary programs available to help maximize his clients’ results. As one of Umbrella Local Experts, Jahniah enables small businesses to increase conversion rates, profits, and brand awareness.

If you want solutions that produce long-term results, call Jahniah for a free consultation.

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