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Jared Hunter Keith



Umbrella Local Expert

Spartanburg, SC
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About Me

Entering the world of marketing in 2016, Jared’s marketing prowess has been defined by a blend of traditional business acumen and digital strategies. Under his belt are notable achievements such as boosting client revenues by 150% within a year and designing a breakthrough digital marketing campaign that resulted in a 40% increase in online engagement for multiple businesses.

If there’s a phrase that encapsulates his approach, it would be: “Understanding businesses, one client at a time.”

Jared began his professional journey as a sergeant in the USMC where gained a profound understanding of  leadership, discipline and teamwork. Transitioning into the civilian domain, he took on the role of a general manager in HVAC wholesale distribution. His unique path through the military and HVAC distribution arenas provided him with valuable insights into customer needs and challenges, equipping him with the ability to offer pragmatic and effective business advice.

Among the accolades he’s received, the “Innovative Marketer of the Year” and the “Digital Strategist Excellence Award” stand out, further cementing his reputation in the field.

Holding a bachelor’s degree in business, his education complements his on-ground experiences, making his advice both theoretically sound and practically effective.

Outside the realm of work, Jared cherishes the joys of the great outdoors, often seen taking adventures with his wife and three children.

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