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Umbrella Local Expert

Green Rapids MI
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About Me

Jerry Clark is a digital marketing expert who has over 20 years of experience working with customers in IT, home service and various other industries. He has also worked with clients in professions such as law, healthcare and more.

In 2002, Jerry founded Unique Advantage, a digital marketing agency that focused on helping clients with website development. As time went on, the demand for businesses to be easily accessible on the internet increased and Jerry started offering a search optimization solution that helped his clients’ websites rank on the first pages of various search engines and directories. Jerry went on to become an Umbrella Local Expert and now offers clients a full suite of digital marketing solutions.

Jerry specializes in generating quality leads for small and medium-sized businesses using unique umbrella marketing (UUM), also known as integrated marketing. UUM is an approach that integrates the five pillars of online marketing. It involves combining an automated website built for SEO with traffic retargeting, reputation marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and text marketing to help businesses dominate their local markets.

Before becoming a digital marketer, Jerry owned an IT firm for 16 years. It provided services and support for computers, networks and peripherals such as printers, scanners and copiers. As a business owner, he needed to market his services and grow his brand online. He also increasingly advised his customers regarding website development, SEO and other aspects of digital marketing. He therefore decided to master digital marketing for the benefit of his own business and those of his clients.

Running an IT firm gave Jerry the opportunity to consult with a wide range of businesses at the CIO level.  These included businesses in healthcare, law, manufacturing, distribution and the home service industry. As a result, Jerry learned to easily adapt to diverse business landscapes.

Jerry is passionate about helping small businesses grow. If you would like to learn more about how he can help you scale your business, contact him today.

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