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Jesus Martinez Umbrella Local Expert


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Umbrella Local Expert

Fresno, CA
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About Me

Jesus Martinez is a seasons digital marketing expert with extensive track record working with local businesses as well as the public sector and nonprofit organizations.

“In a world where business as usual is no longer possible, new marketing and outreach strategies are required to face the challenges and opportunities that arise. Businesses and organizations of all sizes and types can employ new strategies and tools to thrive in an economy forced to become digital. – Jesus Martinez”

Jesus words came to life when he helped one of his clients, a nonprofit agency accustomed to the delivery of in-person services to families in the California’s Central Valley. Jesus saw the pandemic paralyzing its activities. By rapidly adopting an effective online marketing strategy that relied on strengthening its social media presence, creative video marketing, search engine optimization, text messaging campaigns, and mass email marketing, the nonprofit agency grew exponentially, reaching hundreds of thousands of people via its email marketing campaigns, achieving over a million impressions of its Facebook posts, and obtaining first page Google rankings in keywords for website posts and promotional videos.

In addition to academic and public sector trajectories, Jesus has worked as a consultant in numerous projects for federal agencies, ranging from the Department of Labor and the Department of Agriculture to the Census Bureau.

His interest in private sector marketing began with video creation and marketing, serving clients from all over the world. With the establishment of Adnimate Marketing the range of services expanded. Joining Umbrella Local enabled Jesus to reach a new level of service and potential

Jesus is a long-time resident of California, living for about an equal amount of time in the Silicon Valley and the Central Valley. His favorite pastime is soccer and he particularly enjoy watching his favorite team, FC Barcelona.

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