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Umbrella Local Expert

Joel D Whaley Umbrella Local Expert



Umbrella Local Expert

Las Vegas, NV
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About Me

Joel started his carrier in the insurance industry where he worked for more than 30 years and passionately helped people protect their lives and property.

His path to digital marketing started with a real need. Joel is color blind which is disability that affects how he sees the word, and of course websites.

It was then that he discovered that digital marketers are responsible for building accessible as well as inaccessible websites. With this discover he found his new passion – making the web accessible to disabled.

Joel joined Umbrella Local and quickly start business making their website accessible to disabled people (even blind) with the best technology and service in the market.

By making his clients’ websites accessible he opened them to 18% of the US consumers who suffer from a disability, immediately ramping their conversions and sales.

Today Joel is an Umbrella Local Marketing Expert that helps businesses with all types of digital marketing services needed for growth, from accessibility solutions, to traffic, conversions and everything in between.

On a personal note, Joel is a huge animal lover and has two award winning Saluki dogs.

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