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New Haven, CT
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About Me

Josephine Hastings is a digital marketing expert with extensive experience of 25 years as a trainer, consultant, advisor, and coach. Running her own business for more than two decades, she understands the challenges faced by small business owners in the dynamic digital era.

After earning her joint honors degree in psychology and biology, she was trained to be an ILM Level 7 Executive Coach. Her broad skill set, and hands-on experience paved her way into digital marketing. Josephine provided training for notable organizations such as the BBC, Buckingham Palace-Royal Household, Council of the Inns of Court (UK), Marks and Spencer, the NHS, Oxford University, and Royal Colleges of Anesthetists and Surgeons.

This incredible experience helped her build strong marketing and training skills, which led her to join Umbrella as an online marketing expert. In addition to providing marketing services, she provides services in human resources such as addressing discrimination, harassment, or bullying and managing employee performance.

Josephine is the author of ‘It Stops Now! Everything a Manager Needs to Know about Dealing with Harassment and Bullying at Work.’ This book was published on Amazon in 2020, and it is a must-read for managers of small businesses.

Josephine supports Cancer Research and Myeloma. She also volunteers for the Birmingham Repertory Theatre as a helper. When she is not working, she enjoys watching plays at the theatre, running, and exercising at her gym.

As an Umbrella Local Expert, Josephine helps clients grow their business by solving organizational-wide issues from sales to HR matters. In Josephine’s own words, “Achieve success by doing what you love and believe in.”

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