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About Me

Josh McEwen is a digital marketing expert who realized the impact of well-tailored digital marketing strategies on business growth when he founded an online personal training company. The realization led him to pursue extensive education in digital marketing. He used that education as well as his previous business experience to successfully grow his start-up’s client base.

Before starting his own personal training company, Josh spent four years working as a personal trainer. He was part of the strategic planning team, and he achieved the highest retention rate in the 15-year history of the company.

Having experienced firsthand the challenges of handling all parts of a business by himself, Josh now endeavors to relieve business owners of this burden. He helps business owners achieve growth via digital marketing while enabling them to focus on the key aspects of their businesses.

Josh was born and raised on a farm in Northeast Missouri where he learned the value of hard work, doing things the right way, and taking care of community. Josh says, “Umbrella local was a perfect partnership for me because of the small-town values they possess.”

Josh is a fitness enthusiast with a master’s degree in applied health and sport science from Northwest Missouri State. He obtained his undergraduate degree in health and human performance from Culver-Stockton University where he played football.

During his free time, he still loves to train, because he remains a fitness enthusiast. He also coaches a local high school football team. He wants to teach young people like the ones he coaches the skills they need to be successful in their professional careers, finances, and relationships.

Josh is skilled at effective communication with his clients. He takes his time to understand what their goals are and helps them to identify and overcome obstacles keeping them from those goals. If you would like to speak with Josh about how he can help you achieve your business goals with top-notch digital marketing strategies, contact him today.

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