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Umbrella Local Expert

Sacramento, CA
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About Me

Julie Gallaher has worked in the digital industry for 27 years and passionately served small businesses with her powerful marketing strategies. Beginning her digital journey in yellow pages, she assisted hundreds of businesses in developing and implementing their marketing strategy to earn profits.

Julie has served as a leader to help clients with the digital platform when yellow pages underwent an online transition. Along the way, she built a massive social media network and started a personal blog, which was ranked in the Top 50 travel blogs in the world.

In 2009, she started her digital agency. She assists her clients with SEO, Social Media, Reputation Management, Digital Advertising, and Web Design.

Julie later joined Umbrella Local for the outstanding programs it offers to help her clients succeed. As a part of the Umbrella Local Experts team, Julie helps small business grow their digital footprint, conversion rates, and sales.

If you aspire to get consistent results and positive ROI, call Julie today for a free consultation.

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