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Umbrella Local Expert

Carlsbad, CA
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About Me

With 23 years as a small business owner and an entrepreneur, Karen Hungate understands the challenges facing other small business owners in today’s economic environment.

The COVID 19 crisis has forced many businesses to restructure their marketing strategy to include more effective means of staying connected with their existing customer base as well as attracting new customers in order to sustain growing as a business.
As part of Umbrella Local, Karen has helped business owners take advantage of marketing strategies that are based on documented results instead of the “promise” of results.

Umbrella Local’s extensive and unique marketing solutions offer a wide array of products to improve the bottom line of in almost any business.
Call today and Karen will sit down with you and create a strategic marketing plan designed to achieve your stated goals. It is important to Karen that her customers, regardless of their budget, see results quickly to realize a return on their investment. If you are ready to get consistent and predictable results from my innovative and proven methods and tools, call today for a free consultation. You’ll be happy you did!

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