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Klaus Hansen



Umbrella Local Expert

New York, NY
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About Me

Growing up in a business family, Klaus Hansen has been around business owners all his life, and aged 23, his father was balancing bankruptcy. This experience taught him the importance of having a constant flow of new business and how to set it up by getting in front of more potential buyers.

10 years later, Klaus was an AAA credit-rated supplier of high precision components for companies like Danfoss, with a turnover rise of 500%. Klaus met a turning point in his life when he was handicapped by illness, and doctors told him to never use his hands. With his willingness to find new ways and never quit, Klaus discovered that unlocking the digital marketing field can be life-changing.

Klaus was drawn to digital marketing and started out determined, with the experience from process optimization of many customer projects, to provide businesses with a structured and straightforward process for getting a constant flow of new business.

Klaus says, “I understand what it means to run a business, how hard making money can be, how personal a business is, and the occasional overwhelm of being responsible for everything.”

As a part of Umbrella Local, Klaus works with a partner with the same focus on delivering results to local businesses without bills that break the bank. Besides offering cutting-edge digital marketing solutions that generate leads and increase sales, he also addresses web accessibility issues for his clients.

Outside marketing, Klaus loves long walks in nature and reading science and history.

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