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Umbrella Local Expert

Orlando, FL
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About Me

Knowlan Dawson is a solutions entrepreneur at heart and with a deep desire to pursue his career.

Knowlan has earned over 25 years’ experience in different backgrounds, including marketing, sales, operations, consultant, logistics and in the insurance industry helping individuals, families, and small business owners where he is licensed in over 35 states throughout the U.S.

During his journey in helping small business owners, he realized the struggles and their needs for business growth and expansion. His commitment to excellence in helping small business has led Knowlan to garner a reputation with years of experience as a business consultant.

Knowlan serves as CEO with several companies as an authority in helping non-profits and for profit businesses establish credibility through strategic planning, business credit building systems, business financing, along with providing superb marketing solutions. He understands that most business owners tend to be experts with their products or services but sometimes can find it challenging building credibility, business growth and expansion for their business.

Knowlan zealously assists business owners by focusing on and understanding the challenges his clients are facing and utilizes cutting-edge technology to accomplish their business objectives despite budget and time constraints.

When you choose our team, you can rest assured you are in good hands and that we will serve you and your team with thought recommendations providing them not only with an end result better than typically hoped for; including but not limited to areas of strategy, lead generation and sales, building brand equity, reaching a wider audience, and resolving businesses unique digital marketing challenges.

Knowlan and his team specifically excel at creating and managing successful digital marketing campaigns for small, medium, and large businesses.

Outside Digital Marketing, Knowlan is a family man who has been married to his beautiful wife Debbie for over 24 years and is a proud father of four, who believes in serving and giving back to the community. He loves spending time with his family, loves sports, traveling, and is involved in several charities, various community youth sport programs, and food banks ministries.

As a Local Marketing Expert, Knowlan is committed to working autonomously with his clients. He understands the challenges business owners face and is always ready to meet and exceed business goals with a sense of urgency. Knowlan and his team are committed to passionately assisting small businesses, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and numerous industries.

Knowlan has the uncanny ability to adapt to dynamic client’s needs and demands. “Our rewards in life will always be in direct ratio to our service.” – Earl Nightingale.

If you’re interested in speaking with Knowlan or his team about digital marketing and your overall business goals, contact him today about partnering with you on your business journey and take your business to the next level and positive ROI.

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