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Umbrella Local Expert

Boston, MA
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About Me

Le Doan is a digital marketer with 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur. Having operated her own business for years, Le Doan fully understands the challenges that most small business owners face.

One major lesson she has learned is that results-driven marketing is critical to the success of any business. This is particularly true for small businesses where owners usually wear multiple hats and are stretched in many different directions, leaving them overworked and the last to be paid. Le is committed to easing this burden and helping small business owners succeed online.

Le Doan became an Umbrella Local Expert in order to offer her clients a full range of digital marketing services. She adds these services to those currently offered by A&L Media, a partnership with her son, Alan Nguyen, a talented photographer. A&L Media already offered photography and virtual tours to realtors and small business owners.

Before entering the digital marketing arena, Le Doan and her husband owned and operated two spa clinics for almost ten years, with a combined staff of over 35 employees and 1700+ members. These clinics were part of a nationwide wellness franchise. Prior to that, she ran a part-time private practice in which she offered clients psychotherapy and psychological assessment for 11 years.

Le is committed to providing services of the highest quality to give clients a great return on their investment. Contact Le right now for a free consultation about how she can increase your bottom line.

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