Les C. Cseh

Umbrella Local Expert



Umbrella Local Expert

Watertown, NY
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About Me

I began my professional journey during the early days of IT where I developed most of the software that runs my business. During the early days of my business, I was completely in charge of handling every digital marketing task including SEO, email marketing, Google, and Facebook ads, generating ratings and reviews. 

As my business grew, I had to hire people and firms to handle these tasks and I’ve continued to be a part of this industry. 

As a business owner, I’ve experienced sleepless nights when there weren’t enough orders coming. I’ve also dealt with the struggle of choosing the right type of investment and service providers to grow my business. 

My experience has helped me become especially good at navigating through potential landmines and avoiding the latest flashy trends unless they can prove a potential ROI. 

During my 29 years in the marketing industry, I have amassed remarkable achievements such as building my business from home-based to having 20 full-time staff and 10 contractors with a facility in NY, USA and Ontario, Canada. 

During my free time, I explore music and hike where there is a spectacular scenery and food fest (esp. smoking/grilling foods).

I’ve been fortunate and blessed to help the less fortunate by supporting the local food banks and the salvation army in the their mission to help some of the most vulnerable members in the community, including war veterans and the homeless

I look forward to helping you grow your business.

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