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About Me

“My passion is helping small businesses grow and I believe that my clients deserve to focus on their business while I focus on their marketing, together we are a winning team. – Mark Edwards”

Mark Edwards is a family man, and former Royal Marines Commando with a passion for fitness, lifelong learning and helping businesses promote and grow their businesses online.

Mark is a former Officer in the Royal Marines and enjoyed a fantastic and distinguished military career. He left the Royal Marines and became a Close Protection Operative and Maritime Security Operative, looking after several high-profile individuals, sports personalities and protecting vessels from Somali Pirates in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean.

In 2010, after getting his education is Marketing & Advertising, he started his own martial arts business which he quickly grew using digital marketing with a focus on social media. Within 2 years, he grew beyond his martial business into a full-service digital marketing company which later joined into Umbrella Local.

“Helping small local business maximize their social media presence and ROI, something that I get a great deal of satisfaction from. I am a trusted advisor on everything digital, from Google & Facebook advertising, to SEO, review generation, bots, online presence & websites conversion, and everything in between.”

Mark likes to spend his  spare time with the family either travelling or experiencing the great outdoors, he is also a senior volunteer with a national youth charity, working with 15,000 young people between 10 and 18 year old with a focus on personal values (commitment, discipline, respect, integrity and honesty), positive mindset, and adventurous training activities.

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