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Mark T Lemperle



Umbrella Local Expert

Bethlehem, PA
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About Me

Mark Lemperle is an Umbrella Local Expert who specializes in marketing for small businesses.

Before he got into digital marketing, he had two different careers that honed his skills and shaped him as a professional. The first one was selling direct mail and yellow pages for large corporations. While he enjoyed working with small businesses, the primary objective of these companies was to please the shareholders. So while hefocus was helping the small business grow, he was working for a corporation.

After his experience with Yellowbook and two other large companies, Mark decided to make the switch to a small family business where he could be responsible for managing the business as well as all of its promotions, advertising and marketing needs. Working with small businesses provided him with an invaluable opportunity to give personalized service that large corporations were unable to match. He was immensely passionate about this job and even more so when I began working with digital marketing.

Mark is an avid reader of nonfiction, with a particular interest in health and nutrition, fitness as well as marketing strategies. He enjoys watching high school football, live theater and concerts. Mark also likes exercising including running, boxing, taekwondo, bike riding and roller skating.

Mark has a great sense of humor and enjoys life.  He is happily married to his high school sweetheart and closest friend since childhood. Together, they have two extraordinary adult children.

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