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Umbrella Local Expert

Mary Eble - Umbrella Local Expert



Umbrella Local Expert

San Francisco, CA
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About Me

“Our commitment is to first understand your needs and goals for your company then look at the solutions that make sense for you (and your budget)”.

Mary initial carrier started as a social worker, she later expanded into non-profits, where she grew as a manager and eventually GM of different non-profits. Non-profits is where she learned to do marketing on a tight-budget. This pushed her into digital marketing where she became an expert at managing online PR.

Using digital marketing she was able to meet her goals on her very tight budget, and learned how to do it for others as well.

Her capacity to listen carefully to the issues causing pain and stress then identifying resources is a perfect fit for clients looking to grow their business with the help of someone that can solve organizational wide issues, from marketing and sales, and all the way to HR issues.

Mary enjoys traveling and visiting her family in Europe and The Philippines. Mary developed a love of photography to share stories of the amazing people she encounters in her work and travels. She knows that stories connect us to one another—she will make sure your story does the same for your customers/clients.

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