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Umbrella Local Expert

Chicago, IL
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About Me

If you ever gone to the horse races you might have seen Michael’s thoroughbreds taking the lead (no pun intended).

Before becoming a full-time marketer, Michael a lawyer by profession, was the proud owner of, a thoroughbred horse racing partnership.

In his role he was responsible for all marketing aspects of the business, from shows to magazines, websites, and client management, advertising and reviews, Michal build his skills and knowledge building up his own successful business.

He later expanded his autodidactically learned marketing skills with first grade digital marketing training and start his own marketing agency which later became part of Umbrella Local.

In addition to being a marketing expert, Michael is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Chicago-Kent College of Law Registered Attorney in the State of Illinois.

He is married with two children and his Interests include: Animals (especially dogs & horses) and outdoors sports.

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