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Long Beach, CA
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About Me

In his career, Michael has found joy in helping people expand their knowledge and their impact on the world and learned early on his exceptionally good in educating his clients and creating effective networks for them.

A secret you should know about Michael, is that before he was a marketer he was a teacher for many years. And indeed education is a passion and tool he carries throughout his carrier.

Michael always says – “The clients need to learn how to become part of the marketing funnel, we must educate them, otherwise we do our job, but the end results are not strong enough”.

Before joining Umbrella-Local Michael had his own digital marketing agency, Sidekick, which he ran together with his wife Mae. Sidekick endeavored to bring clients tangible growth, by providing full service digital marketing services coupled with a holistic business strategy to create a marketing-sales funnel that generates sales, and profits.

If you are looking to grow your business, working with a Marketing Expert that will not rest a second until he hits the sales goals, contact Michael today.

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