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Umbrella Local Expert

Reno, NV
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About Me

Nick started his first business selling custom-built computers when he was a teenager in high school. Since then, Nick founded several other ventures in construction/real estate, IT services/software, wholesaling/manufacturing, e-commerce, pet services, and now M&A and nonprofits.

In all his ventures, Nick oversaw the marketing and sales strategy, doing self-taught PPC, SEO, reputation management, social media, and building hundreds of websites and sales funnels.

After selling his prior companies, Nick joined Umbrella to help other SMEs grow rapidly while also streamlining their daily operations by using all of the tools and resources he has compiled over the years.

Nick provides our team with a variety of different industry experiences, sales development strategies, and advertising skills. Now he spends most of his time helping both our clients and our team generate more customers, increase their net profit, and advising on their overall growth, automation, and future exit strategies.

Greg Nysewander - Nyse EnterprisesNick Apollo literally knows everyone and everything you could possibly need to grow a company. He showed me some of the things that he’s been working on with his M&A projects and I was blown away once I saw his long-term vision. He’s always on the cutting edge of digital marketing, fintech, blockchain, and pretty much every other technology you can imagine and has access to an endless supply of tools and resources for everyone from the mom & pop business down the street to multi-billion+ corporations. He helped me grow from being an owner/operator to building a huge team and has helped solve nearly every challenge we ran into along that journey. Thank you!

Greg Nysewander, CEO, NYSE Enterprises.


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