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About Me

Graduated with a degree in Mass Communications and Marketing in 1982, I began working in the sales and advertising department of WTOL-TV. My strong foundation of effective selling and marketing skillset led me to achieve the salesperson of the month title multiple times. Owing to my skillful management of multiple advertising pipelines, the company had to hire two candidates to fill my shoes after I resigned. I moved to NFO Research to work in the marketing research field. I sold marketing research to Fortune 500 companies and was the Marketer of the Year.

After working with pharmaceutical clients for years, I moved on to pursue a nursing degree to start my own pharmaceutical research company. After receiving my degree, I took a break because I had to juggle a lot of plates. I took care of my husband with a spinal cord injury and homeschooled my two girls, both with learning challenges.

For several years, I worked with a homeschool group that focused on helping families and children start their own businesses. I have moved back to my marketing background, continuing to help small businesses succeed in these challenging times. I believe small businesses need more attention than large corporate entities. So I joined Umbrella Local to assist small businesses with online marketing services coupled with holistic business strategies that drive business growth beyond the sales funnel.

In my spare time, I have continued to work with homeschool support groups, paper crafting, and volunteering with middle school students at my church.

If you are ready to achieve predictable and consistent results for your business from my strategic marketing plan and effective tools, give me a call today for a free consultation. You will be glad you did!

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