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Richard Seaby



Umbrella Local Expert

New York, NY
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About Me

Rick’s professional journey presents a unique blend of experiences. After serving for five years in the British Army, Rick began his marketing journey in the real estate industry, where he developed marketing plans that fit the needs of the clients.

With a peculiar inclination towards exploring the digital world, Rick set out to master the science of marketing by executing projects by himself and developing his own techniques in website building, data analytics, advertising, and marketing. He further expanded his breadth and depth of knowledge and experience from the Internet Business School. His hands-on experience and intensive knowledge have placed him in an enviable position in the digital marketing landscape. Rick also has numerous successful businesses under his belt.

He mentors several small businesses, where he assists business owners with his effective marketing strategies and business development knowledge to reach a wider customer base and generate more sales. He focuses on creative and data-driven approaches and formulates solutions to deal with demanding business operations.

In his spare time, Rick volunteers to support charities, friends, and family with their online businesses.
As part of Umbrella Local, Rick is offering a full spectrum of marketing solutions to ensure that a business is succeeding at all levels. He also provides concrete methods for start-ups to flourish in the challenging early years in business.

If you want an expert that can drive more sales (and profits) contact Rick today for a free consult.

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