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Umbrella Local Expert

Iowa City, IA
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About Me

I’ve been in the advertising field since 2010. After obtaining a bachelor degree in Communication Design, I did my masters Digital Media.

This deep marketing education, has sharpened my digital marketing skills and made me have an eye for visual things.

I began my professional journey as an intern at an advertising agency in Germany and expanding to work with other companies in Europe.

During my digital marketing career, I worked as a Digital Marketing Director for several companies, including Stuke Iowa in Houghton, Iowa a subsidiary of the European Stuekerjuergen Group in the US. From that position I advanced to oversee all marketing operations for the entire Stuekerjuergen Group with subsidiaries in Germany, Australia and the United States. 

In more recent years I worked as a Digital Marketing Director in the pharmaceutical industry for Quiris Healthcare which sells products like Alpha Plus and Elastane. and later joined the Umbrella Local team. 

My educational background as well as my hands-on experience in digital marketing is vast and encompassing and I’m sure I can help your business grow in sales and profits, on a budget, in the set time and goals. Contact me today.

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