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Colorado Springs, CO
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About Me

Rob Gandley has his resume in sales, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship and holds a finance and marketing degree from Penn State. He began his professional journey with information technology pioneers like AT&T, PSINet, and SunGard Data Systems where he assisted several early internet startups such as eBay and

Rob is diligently helping people and businesses all over the world by working as a Franchise Bible Coach’s lead Martech Consultant and Chief Digital Officer. His extraordinary professional journey also includes SeoSamba, a digital marketing SaaS provider and agency, where he functioned as a Partner and VP of Sales. During his tenure at SeoSamba, he supervised the company’s development into the Franchise industry which leads to doubled revenue in just 4 years.

While he was working at SeoSamba in 2019, Rob launched two franchise marketing radio programs to maximize the digital presence of the Franchise industry’s best entrepreneurs by putting them in front of a growing audience of business-minded professionals who are actively looking for their services.

In 2004, Rob formed and managed one of the first on-demand lead generation platforms for the Franchise industry, which was accountable for the growth of hundreds of franchise brands in the 2000s.

As a part of Umbrella Local, Rob is empowering small businesses to overcome digital shortcomings with his unique marketing solutions. His extensive background provides him an all-encompassing insight into the challenges faced by local businesses, and he is convinced that he can bring a change in a sustainable way.

On a personal note, he enjoys the great outdoors of Colorado and spending time with his son and daughter in Colorado Springs.

If you are looking for a promising marketing expert on everything digital, Rob Gandley is the man for you. Call him today!

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