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Umbrella Local Expert

Clearwater, FL
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About Me

Trevor’s 35 years in sales and marketing has acquainted him with a diverse set of industries such as non-profit groups, construction, management consulting, hospitality and alternative medicine. This versatile experience helps Trevor to understand any project.

Trevor began teaching Facebook marketing classes in 2010, and has continued to develop his skills in digital marketing ever since. 

One of his favorites campaigns upstaged a cold-calling team in digital marketing to promote a digital filming workshop in Los Angeles. The instructor, went from being completely unknown to the most popular digital film instructor in Los Angeles. To the amazement of the instructor, his small investment in digital marketing produced results for years. 

During his free time, Trevor studies music as well as promote musical education on a national level. He believes that musical education provides a way for the younger generations to expand their creativity, improve their communication skills, build confidence to become future innovative and creative leaders. 

A great passion of Trevor is to help business owners, non-profits and individuals rise to the top and become noticed in their area of expertise.

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