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Umbrella Local Expert

Tampa, FL
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About Me

Virginia has always had a deep interest in helping small businesses succeed.  After earning her accounting degree at Fordham University, she worked as a CPA for a major public accounting firm that specializes in working with privately-held companies.  In 2010 she started helping local businesses grow their online presence through SEO and using her vast experience, In early 2012, she published  a book, “How to Market Your Local Business Online”, as well as “How to Write Your Book” she published in 2013 revealing how to write an impressive calling card book for your business.

One of the challenges faced by local businesses who want to succeed in online marketing is the rapid changes in marketing strategies and how to leverage them on a tight budget.  As part of Umbrella Local, Virginia provide clients with an array of expertise in over a dozen digital marketing disciplines, covering the newest strategies and technologies to help businesses grow their sales.

In her spare time, Virginia enjoys hiking, swimming, playing tennis and she volunteers her time to the Suncoast Humane Society in Englewood, FL.

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