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Yogesh Prajapati


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Great Falls, Montana
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About Me

Yogesh Prajapati, a highly innovative, creative, and skilled digital marketing expert, has dedicated the last four years to helping multiple businesses grow in their respective niche by providing quality search engine optimization, email marketing, and social media marketing services. He brings in a diversified resume and extraordinary skillset which makes him a trusted advisor at all corporate levels.

Yogesh is based in Calgary, Alberta. He is a Mechanical Engineering graduate and holds a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering. He started his professional career as a scientist in the Defense industry and switched to the IT industry early on. After working as an IT professional for over 18 years, Yogesh decided to change his career path again and began his journey into entrepreneurship. Since 2017, he has been perfecting his digital marketing skills, which led him to establish a local business marketing agency LeadsMax.net. This incredible experience of running his own venture helped Yogesh to understand the shortcomings that his clients face and avoid pitfalls to lay out a clear path to achieve maximized ROI on digital marketing investments.

As a digital marketing expert, Yogesh has been engaged in various projects in different capacities including off-site website setup, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, marketing funnel building, etc. His interest in solving complex problems and candid attitude make him the go-to Umbrella Local Digital Marketing Expert.

Yogesh believes in delivering the highest standard of services with intelligent insight, enthusiastic flair, and spirited teamwork. His uncanny ability to implement the right digital marketing strategies has helped his clients grow their businesses beyond their imaginations and dominate their marketplace.

As a part of Umbrella Local, Yogesh leverages his fail-proof digital marketing plans and the latest online marketing tools and strategies to help his clients grow in their respective niches. If you want to dominate your niche by utilizing affordable and result-driven marketing solutions, give Yogesh a call today for a free consultation.

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