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Turn your landline into a conversational business texting platform

70% of prospects and clients prefer to text with a business than any other form of communication

Engage Customers Faster With Conversational Texting for Businesses

Communicate with customers the way they prefer – texting. See how our easy-to-use software helps improve customer responsiveness and satisfaction for your clients

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Text-enable your existing business phone number

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Send and receive texts on your computer or mobile devices

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Integrate with the applications you use daily

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Accomplish more work in less time with automation tools

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text message marketing services

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text message marketing services

Your prospects and buyers want to text

Fast, easy and convenient – Texting is immediate but not disruptive. It enables short and direct interactions and does not require a new app to be installed.

Texting is effective – 74% of consumers have 0 unread texts and will respond to a business text in less than one hour.

More than anything, texting is the preferred way to communicate today – 75% of consumers are frustrated when they cannot reply to a text or call from a business.

conversational business texting

Conversational texting increases your conversions

Imagine two businesses, one has just a CALL ME option on their websites, business listings and ads. The other has a CALL OR TEXT ME option. Which business would get more leads? Hands down, it’s the option that caters to more than 75% of users who prefer to text with a business than any other form of communication.

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Conversational texting provides better client management & retention

Whether you are a beauty salon, insurance agency, medical practice or any other business, your existing clients want to text you regarding service-related matters.

It’s also convenient for you to text them on service-related matters, bookings, billings and even promotions.   98% of your clients will answer you within one hour!

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Text-enable your land line

Umbrella works with the leading technology on the market encompassing 30+ Direct A2P carrier connections. Businesses can send and receive texts using their existing business landlines, toll-free numbers or VoIP phone numbers.

It takes one day and zero work on your end to text-enable your landline.

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Powerful texting features for any business size

Create reusable templates. Instantly send standard messages again and again with easy-to-create text templates.

Pricing and FAQ

Text-enable your landline today with premium. Contact us today for a 7 Day Free Trial!

75% of your existing clients and potential buyers prefer to text with businesses.  Are you texting with them?


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Matthew Mullins – Renue Systems Oahu Owner

Michael and his Umbrella Local team did an excellent job redesigning our company website. We had some functionality issues as well as website usability issues and they addressed all of those issues and more. Now the website is much more user friendly and everything functions as it should. In fact, our site has now become the model for other franchises in the company to follow. I appreciate Michael’s hard work, and his willingness to overdeliver. I highly recommend him for web design.

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