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Get Up to a $500K Loan to Grow Your Business

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Umbrella Local provides small businesses with UNSECURED as well as SECURED financing. We can help you buy inventory and equipment, hire employees, acquire a competitor’s assets, or pay for a strategic marketing program to increase sales.


The 3 Golden Questions
If you can answer YES to any of these questions, we can help with up to $500,000 in unsecured financing.

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Do you have a 680 credit rating or higher? If not, do you have someone who can apply for you who does?

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Do you have a business that has been generating more than $15,000 per month in revenues with at least 6 months in business?

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Do you or does someone willing to apply have $40,000 or more in an IRA or 401k account that is NOT with a current employer?

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startup business loan

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Startup Funding

Unsecured personal and business funding up to $350,000. This is a personal, credit-driven product that requires at least one guarantor to have a 660+ credit rating. Enjoy 0% interest rates for up to 21 months. Fast approvals and quick turnaround.

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Revenue-Based Loans and Advances

Is your business generating revenue but it lacks credit history? You may be able to get a loan or advance ranging from $10,000 to $1 million. We judge the health of your business based on your cash flow – not just credit scores. Our in-depth understanding of small businesses means that we can provide capital to businesses as quickly as 48 business hours with little documentation.

startup business loan

Franchise Funding

Through our partner banks, our Franchise Funding options offer fast, in-house approvals with streamlined documentation and closing processes. Creative loan structures are available with terms up to 25 years. Rates vary from 6.25% to 7.25%* (*Loans have a variable rate of Prime Rate plus 2.75% to 3.75%).

startup business loan

SBA Loans

Looking to buy a business or take your profitable business to the next level? Established businesses with tax returns that show good cash flow can get extensive funding. All come with incredibly low interest rates of 6%-8% and generous payback terms of 10 – 25 years. Our processing team will hold your hand from packaging to funding. SBA Loans typically take two weeks to two months to fund, but they offer the highest loan amounts and best interest rates.

startup business loan

Retirement Assets-Based Funding

A Business Directed Retirement Account (BDRA) allows you to invest your retirement assets directly into your new or existing business without any penalties or taxable distributions. With this program, you can start or expand your business debt-free, allowing you to reach profitability faster with no loans, no banks and no credit checks.

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Piotr Ziec - Decks by Ziec.

Piotr Ziec – Decks by Ziec. Owner

Working with Mike Klimkowski and his Umbrella Local team had been fantastic. He is an expert in the field and very communicative when it comes to understanding our business needs and offering result-driven solutions.

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