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San Angelo, TX
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About Me

Andrew has been a business consultant for the better part of 20 years spanning across many areas including web design, product development, software development, IT processes and general IT systems. He has found that the most rewarding service is to assist regular folks find success in their own ventures.

Digital marketing today is a complicated animal, and Andrew just wants to assist everyone he can by delivering on this part so that business owners can spend more time doing what they love. Andrew has worked in digital marketing for the past seven years learning how to optimize client websites, manage ad campaigns, and generate leads for area businesses. He has even helped bring products to Amazon FBA and gained valuable insights on how keyword optimization greatly affects the success of getting products and websites found by search engines more easily.

During his consulting career, Andrew has trained, consulted and helped manage the growth of many businesses across most sectors to realize their potential through process improvement and simply enabling them to focus on the products and services that they provide. Notable companies that Andrew has worked for either as an employee or consultant are Blue Yonder, HCL Technologies, Enterprise Iron, Saulsbury Enterprises, Wells Fargo, Atos, Dell, BP, Chevron, Temple Inland and Osaic (formerly Advisor Group).

Andrew has an educational background in IT Management.

In his free time, he enjoys rugged hikes in the rocky mountains with his church youth group every summer, coaching sports in his community and raising his family. He and his wife have seven children which includes four adopted siblings (three girls and a boy) and three biological boys of their own. Their ages range from six to 19. They homeschool all but their two oldest boys, one of whom is in high school and enjoying his sports and the other who is out of the house and busy successfully adulting.

Andrew says, “I just want to help connect the value that people bring to the people that need it. To me, that is exactly what marketing is.” –

Andrew supports the Kingdom Streams church family, as well as New Horizons Placement Agency and the work they do facilitating foster care and adoption.

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