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Lawrence D Lee III



Umbrella Local Expert

Baltimore, MD
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About Me

Larry Lee is an Umbrella Local Expert who offers a variety of digital marketing services including search box optimization, Google advertising, Facebook advertising, Pay Per Result SEO, website development, AI chatbots, email marketing and more.

Larry understands the challenges faced by small businesses, because he owns a personal training business himself. The three words that have been instrumental in the success of his personal training business are desire, dedication, and determination, and this carried over into his marketing consulting business.

Larry outlines his philosophy. He believes that

  • Desire: In a service business, you must have a passion to be a helping hand to others.
  • Dedication: You must be committed to the grinding day in and day out for your clients/ customers.
  • Determination: You will fail more times than you triumph, and you must stay on the course and never give up.

If you are looking for an Umbrella Local Expert who  knows how to get results, contact Larry.

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