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Affordable small business health benefits - even if you’ve never been able to offer them before!

UmbrellaCare Has You Covered!

  • Small businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sole proprietors with or without employees
  • Freelancers! Yes, freelancers too!

Even if you have never been able to offer affordable company health benefits before, now you can cover yourself and your workers at a remarkably great price!

Small Business Drives America

Over 99% of the companies in the United States are small businesses.

Most of these companies (88%) have less than 20 employees. At the same time, 36% of the U.S. workforce currently participates in freelance work.

Many of these workers cannot get high-quality, affordable health benefits!

Inability to Offer Good Health Benefits Hurts Business

  • Businesses that cannot offer an attractive health care package find it difficult to attract and retain good talent. This puts you at a severe competitive disadvantage.
  • Companies without a large workforce cannot get affordable group rates. They put their workers at risk!
  • Even at group insurance rates, many employees are unable to pay 5% to 6% of their income for the health benefits companies usually offer.
  • Freelancers are traditionally not eligible for company group rates at all! They are usually just left in the cold.

UmbrellaCare for Small Business

It’s Umbrella’s mission to help companies grow in every way we can. We are proud to offer UmbrellaCare: affordable, reliable health benefits created specifically for small businesses.

  • It’s affordable. You are going to be pleasantly surprised.
  • It’s inclusive. You can cover yourself, your family and everyone who works for you, whether they are an employee or a freelancer.
  • It’s flexible. You can decide whether you want to pick up the tab for your workers or just offer them UmbrellaCare as an affordable option.

Get the Health Benefits You and Your Workers Deserve

Get the small business health benefits that you, your family and your workers deserve. Contact Umbrella through our website or call us at 1(646) 440-1426 right now. Don’t play healthcare roulette for another day!

Registration for UmbrellaCare is open at limited times throughout the year.


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